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The Not-So-Happy Holidays

Amaya Duncan| December 2023

Seasonal depression is a term we hear throughout all seasons, but mainly winter; why is this the case? What is seasonal depression? What does seasonal depression mean? Do I have seasonal depression? Are seasonal depression and clinical depression the same thing? These are  all reasonable questions that you all possibly have right about now. Starting things off on a more serious note, let’s make sure there is a clear understanding between clinical and seasonal depression.

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Fun Winter Activities!

Nathan Hinojosa & Brooke Hamilton| December 2023

Stuck inside? Or fun outside? Either way there is still so much to do in these 2-3 months of snow, whether it’s too cold for you to go outside or you just love the snow!

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What is the MakerSpace?

Mars Demuth| December 2023

Have you ever wanted a place to go where you can just let your creativity flow? There will be one in the new school! It is called MakerSpace. But, you may be asking yourself, what is a MakerSpace?

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