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Amaya Duncan| May 2024

When most people think about Journalism in a school aspect, they think of the yearbook. Which is what the newspaper team thought they were signing up for. On the first day of school, Ms. Ramsey told us what she expected from the class and then she said that for the first time in years,  the Scott County High School Newspaper was being brought back.   

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Addyson Adkins | May 2024 

This summer everyone will be looking for ways to get some money, whether that be for some fun summer activities or to buy some school clothes for the upcoming year. Whatever you need or want, this article can help you get some extra cash for this summer! Obviously every teenager cannot have a job in this town, there aren’t enough places! However, there are some other ways to get some money.

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Nathan Hinojosa | May 2024 

As the heat turns up and the days are getting longer before summer break, it’s time to plan ahead for the days you can remember like it happened yesterday, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. I got the ideas for you, and here are some ideas to make the warm outdoors and the cozy indoors enjoyable this summer.

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Mckayla Simpson | May 2024 

Are you excited about summer coming with all the cool activities, all the fun fairs water parks, and all the freedom with no school work? What would you do for the summer? If you don’t know yet, there are plenty of options for you to choose from:

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Are April Showers Bringing in May Flowers?

Brooke Hamilton | May 2024 

As summer is approaching, we are starting to see more and more color. Wouldn’t it be cool to see most of these flowers in your own backyard or in your personal flower bed all year round? 

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Omaris Rivera | May 2024

The latest high school production of “The SpongeBob Musical” was an enjoyable show that highlighted the remarkable abilities of its young cast and crew. Every element of the production, from the lively performances to the colorful stage design, perfectly encapsulated the humorous atmosphere of Bikini Bottom. 

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New schs sports facilities

Jesse Lindsey | May 2024

Since we will be moving schools next year, there is a lot to come along with the move. One thing being all of the new sport facilities that we will be seeing at the new school. A huge change we will be having is the new indoor turf facility.This will give our players the opportunity to practice inside when there are weather conditions prohibiting outdoor practice.We will also see two full size turf fields which will give our sports team a lot more room to host more practices at the same time and have more teams practicing.

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Did you know?

Raegan Brown | May 2024


Did you know that the formal senior pictures will be during the summer before your senior year? The dates for pictures are June 4th from 10am-4pm at ECS, July 24th from 10am-4pm at ECS, and August 5th 10am-4pm at the NEW SCHS. Students can sign up by going to  www.amandacantrellphotography.com and clicking on the orange “book a session” button.

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DEar Scotty

 Dear Scotty Advice Team  | May 2024

Amaya Duncan, Sydney Zakic, Sydney McInnes, Parker McGuire, Steven Hampton

This months advice column includes:

1 – Tired Teen

2 – Waiting Suitor

3 – Hopeless Romantic

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