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Addyson Adkins| March 2024

How excited is everyone for spring break? Hang out with friends, or maybe even plan a trip. All of which sound like so much fun, but did you remember that this is the last break until school is over? This is our last week to ourselves before we have to push through the last two months. School is almost over and while some are still reeling from the beginning, we should start thinking about what the end of the year will bring and what we can utilize spring break for. 

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Brooke Hamilton | March 2024 

Did you know daylight savings time is a very controversial topic?

For some background, some people say daylight savings is used to help make more use of the outdoors, which is why some call it  “summertime”, some say it’s for farmers, as it allows them to have an extra hour for their crops, and to conserve energy.

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Amaya Duncan | March 2024 

Caitlin Clark and Pearl Moore are currently the talk of the NCAA news due to a small miscalculation. Clark has been crowned as the highest-scoring female in the league, which isn’t factual.

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Brileigh Lodal | March 2024 

April fools, the first day of April filled with hoaxes and practical jokes. The holiday where no one knows its origins or how it became. But what should you do to tease your family a bit? Whether you’re an experienced trickster or just getting the hang of April Fool’s, there are plenty of wholesome pranks that will leave memories. 

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Omaris Rivera | March 2024 

Every few years, the celestial dance between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth unveils one of nature’s most captivating phenomena: a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses have fascinated mankind for a millennia, captivating cultures worldwide with their enthralling display of cosmic alignment. Here we will delve into the science, history, and significance of solar eclipses, offering you an opportunity to understand and appreciate these extraordinary events.

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Raegan Brown | March 2024

 Easter is one of the principal Christian holidays, however many people that are not Christian also celebrate Easter. There are many different ways to celebrate it. You can have an easter brunch, hold an easter egg hunt, watch easter movies, sunrise services, decorate/ break easter eggs and so many other things you can do with your friends or family.

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Amaya Duncan | March 2024

Bats Vs. Bats is a game played between the girls’ softball team and the boys’ baseball team. The game is played using softball rules to give the girls an “upper hand” which they honestly didn’t need (no offense boys). Starting with two JV games and a varsity game to end the night, there was never a dull moment.

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B. Hamilton & N. Hinojosa | February 2024


What is STLP? STLP is a Student Technology Learning Program. This program helps give students fun projects, services, or products to make.

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DEar Scotty

 Dear Scotty Advice Team  | March 2024

Amaya Duncan, Sydney Zakic, Sydney McInnes, Parker McGuire, Steven Hampton

This months advice column includes:

1 – Stuck in the Middle

2 – Confused

3 – Conflicted Friend

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