Scott County Youth Service Center

1080 Cardinal Drive, Room 102

502-863-4131 Ext. 4054


KY Div. of FRYSC

What is a Youth Service Center?

Youth Services Centers were established in 1990 as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). The ultimate goal of the centers is to assist students with removing barriers that can negatively affect a student’s success.

By having Youth Service Centers in our public schools, students and their families can access a variety of services and resources and participate in programs to increase their education in various areas to help break down barriers to student success.

Youth Service Centers work hard to develop community partnerships to assist and link students and their families with obtaining necessary resources to meet their specific needs.

Core Components:

  • Family / Crisis / Mental Health Referrals
  • Substance Abuse Education & Counseling
  • Summer / Part-time Job Development
  • Referrals to Health & Social Services
  • Educational Support
  • Basic Needs


The mission of the Scott County Youth Service Center is to remove barriers in students’ lives to ensure a successful tenure within the confines of the Scott County High School.

Who can use our services?

The Scott County High School Youth Service Center is available to all students and their families.


Monday – Friday          8:15 AM – 3:45 PM


Students and their families are welcome to stop by or call for an appointment at a different time.

Services & Programs Provided

(Included but not limited to)

ACT Preparedness Holiday Assistance
Adult Day Job Preparation
Bullying Prevention Mental Health Referrals
Career Fair Mentor Program
Clothing Assistance Parent Information Night
College Field Trips Prom Breakfast
Dental Program School Supplies Assistance
Food Assistance Program Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
Ghost Out Truancy Diversion Programs

Our Team:

Christi Albensi   

YSC Coordinator


Amanda Pfost


Contact the SCHS Youth Service Center:

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