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Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) Program Overview

The Non-Traditional Instruction Program (NTI) is a program that encourages the continuation of learning on days when the entire district is closed due to health of safety reasons. School districts create plans to deliver instruction to every student in the district and provide for student and teacher interaction on NTI days, with the ultimate goal of continuing instruction. The Commissioner of Education can approve up to ten NTI days to count towards student attendance days in the school districts’ calendars.

  • Students must complete the attendance form for the specific NTI day or they will receive an unexcused absence for the day.
  • Students must complete assignments posted for EACH teacher via Google Classroom for every NTI day.


How do I complete NTI for SCHS?

Follow the steps below for every NTI Day



Students must complete the attendance google form to be counted in attendance for the day. 



Log onto Google Classroom

Students must log in with their school email to view assignment in google classroom




Complete posted assignments in every class that has an assignment(s) posted on every NTI day.